Wearing track pants outside of the gym and tips

Here it is our first fashion post for you guys! I would love to discuss about track pants. You’re thinking about how can track pants can be worn outside of the gym? Honesty there are plenty of ways but it is hard to imagine to you right now. So I want you to go around and grab your track pants and read this article! Fashion just come and go really easily but this awesome early fall trend can make you look really chic but then a little splash of athletic at the same time. So please lets ditch those very uncomfortable skinny jeans and lets try something new and very daring. This style is seriously perfect for everyone and anyone. The track pants creates a super perfect fit for your waist and but then you can glam them up with super juicy lovely shoes or sandals. This look is not only for the gym or downtown. You can wear them seriously in the morning all the way till night time. But also I will give you some lovely tips on wearing track pants from my lovely fashinista sister

Dernika Rose is wearing a Adidas track pants and a beautiful white halter top shirt from Brandy Mellvile. Tip #1 Pick a Fitting shirt “Wear a shirt that is fitting or can be loose but not sloppy.” – Says stylist Dernika Rose

Tip #2 Pick the right shirt! Make sure the shirt you picked out is not too long. But if it is long you can always tuck it in your pants and people can see the beauty of the portion of your body. The track pants has a waste band. Thats the beauty of it! This style is best for tucked in shirts or crop tops.

“This is such a cozy style!”

Tip #3 You will feel cozy Not only this style is really cute and daring but the other benefit of this is that you can feel cozy all around! TIp #4 Add on cuteness Make this look really more girly by wearing really cute sandals or heels. To make things even more better I would include a clutch for power! Tip #5 Be you add a lot of personality! Try plenty of color to your style, go athletic, go girly, Go however you like! Do you boo 🙂 So tell me what is your favorite style right now and color? Make sure to share this post or tweet it out! My sister and I worked plenty to put this together for you lovelys.


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